No matter what you are selling, presentation means a lot. With potential buyers getting more skillful at deflection art, “sales pitch” doesn’t seem to work that effectively. So, if you want to sell something, you should better not over try to sell it. But if you can turn that sales pitch into a connection with your prospective clients, you will be able to take control of the proceedings and drive your customers wherever you want.

  1. Have something distinct

People don’t buy generic stuff anymore. Customers are often interested in knowing that you are offering something unique and different before they spend few minutes in reading the sales page that you are throwing at them. So, what makes you unique? You can open with some bold statement, for instance, to pique the curiosity of your customers. There is nothing wrong if you get a little controversial.

  1. Make connections, not pitch

As a salesperson, you can be easily tempted to start selling your services or products first and sharing every amazing aspect of what you are selling. But that’s where you go wrong. The first thing you should be doing is engaging with the client on something which means to them already. This is the “hook” that will grab their attention and put you in the driver’s seat. Your focus should be on buyers instead of your service or product as it will allow them to know how you can be able to actually help them. Rather than saying “Hey, buy this great thing I’m selling” straight away, you should try to give insights to your customers into why they are currently facing certain challenges. At times, it might not be quite obvious that what you’re selling can solve their problems. Here you have to bridge this gap and let them understand why they should buy your services or products. Share information, address any misconceptions and debunk all those myths that might be occupying their minds.

  1. Do not look desperate

Being sincere and being desperate are completely different. For building a real connection, you should ensure that you’re really looking to build relationship with your client and are not just asking to buy from you for getting just one more deal. Customers have become quite smart nowadays and they can easily tell what you’re trying to achieve. So, keep your focus and don’t look too desperate.