When it is hard to find quality talent, coming across qualified candidates to fill in just one opening feels great. But this great feeling comes with some challenges of its own. Candidate falloffs tend to increase and the process of hiring can run longer. But these challenges can be bypassed by the recruiters if they can better manage multiple candidates. Here are some tips to consider in this regard.

  1. Automate whatever possible

Speed of the recruitment process is important and the importance can’t be stressed more when you have to manage multiple candidates. If you rely heavily on the manual communication then you’ll be wasting your time for nothing. So, automating processes and steering candidates in right direction can make things easier for you. Using recruiting software for identifying candidates meeting maximum core requirements for the job, for instance, can streamline things better and those not meeting your criteria will be slashed off in the beginning.

  1. Make full use of the CRM

Candidate falloffs decrease with firm relationships and managing multiple candidates while making them feel equally valued can do that even better. With constant communication, the candidates can be reassured that a certain job opening isn’t just some longshot. But still, when managing different candidates through the hiring process, your CRM’s efficiency determines if all the candidates or remember or if some are neglected. Basically, effectively managing relationships is about effective coordination. It’s not easy to track multiple candidates. But with right tools for providing timely reminders and regular notifications, the job can be made to look easy.

  1. Shorten your hiring cycle

Shortening your hiring cycle can also fix things up and you can be able to better manage multiple candidates. Once the job has been advertised, you should quickly schedule your interviews. You can ask for their portfolios and prior experience during or even before the interview to come up to a better decision in shorter span of time. When multiple candidates are under consideration, scheduling several interviews within a day can be a good idea.

  1. Improving on how you manage multiple candidates

Like with your overall hiring process, you need strategies and tools for managing multiple candidates effectively. You should automate certain aspects of your staffing process, use different CRM features to their full potential, and establish clear communication to speed up the process. However, it is important that all underlying tools are aligned with these principles.