All of the successful brands in the world have distinctive and creative personalities. Nike is perceived to be athletic while consumers associate Starbucks to be welcoming and friendly. When human characteristics are attributed to a brand, brand personality is formed. In an era where competition is fierce, brand personality is the savior for firms as it gives them competitive advantage over others. This article mentions some ways through which you can create, for your brand, a winning personality.

What’s your identity?

Many brands try to be everything so that they can satisfy the masses. But this usually is the main ingredient for disaster. Creating a brand identity requires you to focus on one or a handful of things. Apple’s identity is innovation while McDonalds is identified with consistent, quality food. To define your identity, describe your brands in five words. This will give you a head start on which you can base your identity.

This individuality needs to be consistent and to be integrated in all of the brand’s marketing activities. Creating a distinctive identity will lead to high recall from consumers and will cause customers to form emotional bonds with the brand.

What do you stand for?

One key ingredient for creating a unique brand personality is to define something that you stand for and then communicate that with your consumers. This will enable consumers to consider your brand as a living thing as opposed to just be a brand. For instance, Harley-Davidson stands up for freedom. When you are supporting a stance, chances are that customers will respect you and will become loyal to your business because you care more than just making a profit.

How do you look?

Appearances matter. Humans use appearances as a basis to evaluate others and then see their compatibility with them. Similarly, your company’s social media, websites and salespeople overall looks will have a great impact on customers’ evaluations.

If a company’s social media and website is dominated with fun and quirky messages then customers will regard that brand to be casual, fun-loving and original. If the salespeople in physical stores are properly suited from head to toe, then customers will associate that brand to be professional and classy.

How do you connect with customers?

The way a company and its employees connect with customers say a lot about that brand’s personality. The way you respond will tell the tone you have developed. Giving serious replies means you like to keep things professional while giving whimsical responses means your brand is fun and quirky.