Small business usually operates on low costs so that they do not fall into massive financial debts. They either reduce expenses or find ways to save money no matter the look on the balance sheet. Every business always plans to take on new projects, improve its infrastructure and commence expansion of the company. Therefore, it is worth exploring ways to reduce business costs and save money for the growth of the enterprise.

Running a business involves dealing with the revenues, expenses, and taxes. Even a small increase in revenue or a little reduction in cost can have an impact on the enterprise’s profitability. The following are ways to cut down on the business expenses to increase the realized profits in business.

Reduce Paperwork

Paperwork in the modern world is mostly an enormous money waster for small businesses. Reducing the paperwork could save the company many expenses. Filing and stacking of papers cost money on the printer. The ink, printer maintenance and electricity costs, including the employee who manages the documents, is a cost you can do away with to reduce the cost of operation of the business.

The solution is simple, move your office or enterprise to a paperless operation. Paperless office involves scanning all the essential documents to make digital copies of them. Start paying your taxes online; manage your banking operations through the computer or even mobile banking applications. In this modern world, every business is migrating to the digital set up. Please note, this does not mean that you dump or shred all the crucial documents.


Employ the services of freelancers and contractors for short-term jobs. Avoid paying a full-time salary with benefits to workers whom you will not require their services on project completion. Outsourcing will cut down on recruiting and training costs when doing a project.

Always Negotiate for Business Discounts

For small businesses, suppliers value your loyalty. Many suppliers are open to the idea of negotiating prices for your office supplies. In this tough economy, always a supplier is willing to sell at a lower price. Use it as an advantage to negotiate a lower price with your current supplier to either match or beat that price. If they will not, then maybe it is time to switch. It is worth noting that you should never compromise on the quality of your supplies for a better price.

Utilize the social media for Marketing

In this modern era, people are always on social media platforms. Be it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Google +, YouTube to mention but a few. The social media platforms offer cheap, or even free, ways to advertise your products or services, connect with your new or loyal customers, and also recruit employees with skills you require for your business. Create an account for your business that is professional and brand-focused. As a small business, it will enable you to engage social media users either individually or as a group through your direct messages or public posts. A small business can also create events to promote your products and sending invites through the various platforms.

Utilize word-of-mouth advertising

Apart from social media advertising, the oldest form of marketing that can decrease on your business expenses is word-of-mouth advertising. The word-of-mouth mode of advertising is cost-effective and has a robust outreach, primarily because it outsources most of your marketing department to your loyal customers. This form of advertisement is particularly potent when your customer base, demographic components, buying habits and the response is enthusiastic to the product or service delivery of your business.