Many great business ideas are lost in the infinite current of thought of people who conceive them but have no strategy to approach them or think that they cost too much money. Having your own business startup it’s not so difficult. In the digital era, there is no trade secret that it’s not published or discussed in some corner of the internet. And even if you don’t have a special skill set, you just need the willingness to learn and follow the advice of professionals who are ready to teach you. Here’s a small list of 6 types of startups you can go for with almost no budget at all.

  1. Social Media Advisor: You know that almost 75% of internet users interact with social networks at some point during their waking hours? There’s a huge potential for business in each of these platforms. Facebook, Google and Twitter all offer certifications at low costs so you can learn how to handle their services for established and new brands alike. Social Media Management tools it’s a prized skill these days!
  2. Online Reviewer: Do you have a hobby that you are passionate about? Or are you a fan of a certain brand? If you have some basic writing skills you can do your best to try your hand as a professional reviewer. Even if you don’t have a clear niche, but you have a way with words you can try and offer your services to the thousands of companies offering paid reviews of their products online.
  3. Domain Negotiator: It’s almost self-describing. You need a little budget for this one since you’ll need to buy online domain names that could be profitable in the long run. You’ll need some basic wiring skills for this and some awareness about a specific market to target what you believe will be trending.
  4. Translator: Do you handle 2 or more languages? Do you know the basics of grammar in each language you handle? You can become a translator on one of the thousands of freelancing platforms offering daily jobs for anyone ready to take them.
  5. Handling Surveys: Maybe you have seen the ads on Facebook and decided not to pay attention, but you can make some money by filling out surveys online. There are at least five major platforms offering these types of services and you can sing up to all of them.
  6. Tutoring or Teaching: If you have skills as a teacher you can offer online tutoring on the level of your preference. Some of the most profitable services offered these days are those focusing on teaching foreign languages online, you can either work for some of these established startups or you can offer personalized services over freelancing platforms.