Freelancing is a booming market that it’s drawing more and more attention from disgruntling employees with each passing day. A quick search online reveals not only a good number of sites offering paid jobs but also a lot of advice on how to approach a number of disciplines and earn some money. The truth is that most of the time the people who fear to get into freelancing thinks they lack the knowledge or the skills. The reality is that almost any basic skill is marketable as long as you are good at it. With that being said, here are four easy tasks you can do as a freelancer to become familiar with the environment.

Data Entry Jobs

A lot of companies outsource their data entry these days. Most of the times they require people who know how to type and who are able to do it fast. If you think you have it in you, you can try your luck at a number of sites offering to pay for your time to input data. This is maybe one of the lowest paid jobs online, but if you are fast, your earnings will be accounted by the bulk of your work.

Customer Service

Do you like being social? Do you feel that you are able to listen to people and not lose your patience? You may not have considered it, but these are very valuable assets in the customer service industry. Again, most companies are hiring freelancers that can handle a series of protocols that are taught to deliver a solution to their customers. Payment is really good depending on the service you decide to engage.

Proofreading and Edition

Have you ever been called a grammar Nazi by your friends? Are you so self-aware about your reading skills that you are able to spot mistakes on even the most established pieces of literature? Then proofreading and edition are for you, even if you haven’t tried your hand at it you’ll do fine since this job it’s usually handled on your own terms, as long as you make the bulk of your work readable by the company standards.


Not to be confused with our first entry on the list, transcription jobs require you to write down an audio file or a JPG file on a word document. It basically demands that you are a good listener and that you are able to type fast. Most of the jobs offered on this discipline are paid by the word so the longest the audio file, the more money you’ll be able to collect.