Get A Low Doc Business Loan in AU
Of Up To $2M In 24 Hours!

What is the Low Doc Commercial Loans in Australia?

  • Low doc commercial loans provide business’s working capital in the absence of significant documents often used as verification
  • There documents may include financial statements, sources of income verification or even tax return statements
  • In short, it involves a loan that is approvable even with low volume of ‘verifying’ documents
  • Suitable to new entrepreneurs, self-employed people, and constructors/builders.

How does a low doc loan works?

  • Low doc business loans are designed for business owners that find it difficult or do not have enough time to provide sufficient document in order to qualify for a business loan
  • These loans can be used to meet both short term and long term business goals

Low doc business loan features & benefits

- Collateral not required
- Long term and short term validity
- Flexible and tailored to fit the borrower's
- Accessibility to additional funds - line of credit and redrawing facilities
- Adjustable repayment
- Lessrisky on borrower's end
- Low doc loans are versatile and can be used for many purposes
- The absence of documents means approval and transfer of funds is quick
- Borrower can attend needs without compromising other aspect of operations
- Collateral is optional - prevents risk of losing a collateral from borrower's end
- Loan is available at economical rate - focus is principal amount not the interest owing

How to get a low doc loan?

With Maxiron Capital, you can get a low doc business loan within three simple steps -

Step 1

Fill out our pre-approval form - it takes only 5 minutes!

Step 2

Receive an immediate decision - upload a few documents for verification

Step 3

Receive your funds in as quick as 1 working day

Why Maxiron Capital?

Regardless of what your past credit report might look like, our Low Doc Commercial Loans are available to all eligible Australian individuals. Here at Maxiron Capital, we understand that starting a business is not an easy task, and thus we are invested in helping them with their current situations.

We provide one of the most competitive rates within the industry, offering as low as 1% per month and also offer a line of credit as well as redrawing facilities for quick access to loan funds. Last but not least, our loan terms are very flexible and have been tailored with our customers in mind, hence, adjustments are easy to make as per the comfort of the borrower.

FAQs about the low doc commercial loans

  • How does low doc loan work?

    It works the same as your ordinary business loan, with the exception that it doesn’t require significant documentation commonly used to determine one’s financial background. These are ideal for businesses that find difficulty to provide traditional banks with relevant financials.

  • Are there any restrictions as to how a low doc loan can be used?

    There are no limits as to how your business chooses to use the received loans. Be it restocking supplies, covering unexpected costs or expanding your business, you can use the loans to your heart’s content.

  • Can I access a low doc line of credit?

    Yes. A low doc business line of credit will be made to our clients. Fundamentally, it works the same way as a low doc loan, clients can access their line of credit hassle-free, without needing to provide extensive documentation.