Mezzanine Finance in Australia

What is the Mezzanine Finance in Australia?

Mezzanine Finance in Australia refers to the kind of Low Document Commercial Loans where Loans are approvable and access to Mezzanine fund is available even in the absence of specific documents akin to financial statements, income proof, and Tax returns. In simple words, Mezzanine Financing does not ask for documents unlike traditional loans in Australia. More often than not, Mezzanine Loan stands as the primary choice Businesses at small scale, Start-ups and Self-employed individuals, reason being, the absence of strict and legit documents. In noteworthy of mentioning, Mezzanine Financing can be long-term and short-term in addition as per the needful of the borrower.

Mezzanine Financing Features & Benefits


  • Flexibility of Repayments
  • On-the-spot Approval receivable
  • Lack of Risk on the part of Borrower in the context of Mezzanine Debt
  • Accessibility in the absence of Strict Loan Documents (Tax Return and Financial Statement)
  • Freelance contractors and Self-employed Friendly
  • Promotes instant Business expansion and trending investment
  • Anytime Access to Mezzanine Funds
  • Flexible terms & Conditions
  • All-time Competitive Rates
  • Valid in the long run (15 to 25 years) and the short run as well
  • Minimum 70 % Loan to Value Ratio counted
  • Maximum Mezzanine Debt Exposure
  • Low LVR eliminates needful of Collateral


  • Variety of Options available to the borrowers in the context of commercial Use of Mezzanine funds
  • Quick approval and transfer of funds to the bank account as the absence of strict documents make the inspection process pacing.
  • Flexibility assists borrower to adjust the repayment as per its convenience. This helps the borrower to stay uniform on repayment of Mezzanine Loan
  • Lenders open the paths of the Maximum level of Mezzanine Debt Exposure which helps the borrower to meet its commercial needs without compromising
  • The absence of Collateral is valid in case of Low Loan to Value Ratio and vice-versa. This helps the borrower to risk a valuable asset or not at its own choice.
  • Competitive rates assist the borrower to pay the loan principal amount in the absence of interest-stress.

Can I qualify for Mezzanine Loan?

There are four must fulfilled eligibility criteria in order to get qualify for Mezzanine Loan, these criteria are—

  1. Self-Employment Certification along with an in force and valid Australian Business Number (ABN) for at least six months and more, ABN is an exclusive 11 digit number that provides identification, legitimacy, and validity to one’s Business in Australian under Australian Government & community authorisation.
  2. To provide either an accountant’s Letter, a Business activity statement (BAS, most preferable) or a Business Banking Statement
  3. To provide scan copied Commercial Lease Agreement
  4. Income Declaration
  5. Must not be a Minor

If you are available with all the above requirements, you are welcomed to access Mezzanine Fund via getting fast approval for Mezzanine Loan. In noteworthy of mentioning, numerous Lenders check for “credit history” and personal Bank statements to inspect the capabilities of Borrower to pay back.

How to get the Mezzanine Fund?

Mezzanine Funds are quickly approvable and accessible during the current phase of technical excellence. You can sit back at home and get Mezzanine Fund from us by following up the three simple steps——

Apply Online

Just submit the eligible form in this page, there you will be required to fill an application form. It holds basic and custom information request along with Bank details and others. Further, you submit the filled form.

Verified Documents

Our team of loan consultants will ask for several verified documents, these documents are updatable online. Now after submission, one needs to wait for a quick approval from the lender’s end.

Loan Transfer

As the loan approval is sent to the borrower, the borrower receives the Mezzanine fund transferred to Bank account without any unreasonable delay. Round-o-clock support is available to access loan amount.

Why Maxiron Capital

We are available to grant Mezzanine Loan to any eligible individual (not minor) in any corner of Australia at any time online. We are here to eliminate the risk of losing everything to Mezzanine Debt and thus, we offer low document, Flexible and commercial collateral-lack loans to support Australian forthcoming entrepreneurs. Our Mezzanine Finance opportunities are all-scale friendly i.e., available to start-ups, Large Scale Businesses, Self-employed Individual, freelancers, and Businesses with non-impressive credit History. The line of Credit authorisation is available with us for the easy adjustment of repayment and redraws for the borrower to fulfil its urgent commercial expenses. We have the most competitive rates i.e., 1% interest monthly payable. Unsecured Mezzanine Finance is available to choose. Complete support to new entrepreneurs in the marketplace. Maintenance of maximum level of customer satisfaction through flexible repayment options and refinancing of Mezzanine Loan unlike any strict Banking or Financial Institution all over Australia.

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