Property Development Finance in Australia

What is the property Development Finance in Australia?

Property Development Finance refers to a short-term loan type which provides the fund for the development of residential property only. For an instance, property development Loans Australia for construction projects, land purchase, property renovation and so on! Furthermore, Property Development Finance also validates for residential, commercial and multiple utilise (for example rental) in the context of respective property. In noteworthy of mentioning, Property Development Loans Australia are considered for Large-scale projects more often, and small development projects do not suit the nature of Loan. The funding only covers the 70% to 80% of the Building or Construction cost, the rest of the cost comes under the management of the individual borrowing for property development.

Property Development Features & Benefits


  • Maximum Building and Construction cost cover-up, that is, up to 80% of LVR, Loan to Value Ratio
  • Higher Interest Rates against Investment Loans goes up by 1% to 2% in Australia
  • Contingency Fund Validity on the subject matter of construction or building defaults
  • Property Development Finance only covers the Hard Costs
  • Profit Margin up by 20%
  • Maximum Return on Investment possibilities


  • Assured Ownership protection as land for which fund is required does not count as a collateral
  • Rental Fluctuations are absent and thus, the stability of property for Business purposes is promised
  • In comparison to other unsecured loans, property Development Loans Australia stays competitive by the rate of interest and hence, monthly cost downslides
  • Effectively managed finances since the monthly cost is minimise
  • Tax-deductible Interest payments and thus, cash flow stays managed and promotes decrement of Business Annual Tax overheads
  • Improved Return on Investment through effective Property Development Loan Australia fund management
  • Personal Fund savings and absolute flow of cash to manage consistent business operations

Recent Case Study:

Completed Land Subdivision

Amount: $650,000
Futher Drawdown: $200,000
Terms: 6 + 3 months
Rate: 2.7%

Project: Client's construction project encounted certain unexpected obstacles which delayed completion, and requires extra $650,000 as cash flow injection to boost up the business vigour really fast

Role: Maxiron is able to use the unfinished project as security and provided full desired amount, and further approved a higher credit limit based on the completed property. The client performed a further drawdown of $200,000 later.

Can I borrow for Property Development?

Following criteria must be fulfilled in order to get qualification for borrowing for Property Development—

  • The borrower must not be a minor
  • Registered Mortgage in the context of property “to be developed”
  • The borrower must be an Australian Citizen, an Australian immigrant, or PR Holder
  • Property development must be commercial or residential
  • Availability of construction contract, land purchase contract
  • Build Cost, preferred LVR, and security (in rare cases)
  • Presence of Australian Business Number, ABN in case of property development of workplace, ABN is an exclusive 11 digit number that provides identification, legitimacy, and validity to one’s Business in Australian under Australian Government & community authorization.

Other than the above conditions, the Australian Banking institutions, private lending institutions, and private property fund lenders hold the right to ask for a specific eligibility criteria fulfilment on the part of the borrower. Alongside, in the absence of any document, the borrower is still free to apply for a loan and make assumptions.

How to get Property Development Loans in Australia?

There are three steps to follow up for getting Property Development Loans Australia at quickest with us. Take a glimpse—

Apply Online

Going to our website online, you will find a clickable “Apply now” option for borrowing for property development. Go ahead, click! This action will lead to the application form. The application form may ask for information other than basic, comprising in—Building and development approval, Building contract, developers resume, valuation and so on. Hence, always remember to finish on the part of land purchasing, construction or building contract before applying for a loan.

Verified Documents

Once you submit the filled application, you will get approval in the context of eligibility to apply for Property development loan in Australia. Now, you are required to provide specific documents comprising in Asset & Liability statement, credit score, borrowing entity details, refinancing capacity, initial facility drawdown and others like ABN, BAS (in case of commercial property purchase).

Loan Transfer

This is the final step where you gain the loan fund for development of the property. Once the documents are verified, you will receive the loan amount transferred to your bank account. With us, redrawing and LOC facilities are provided.

Why Maxiron Capital

We are the virtuoso of the private lending institution in Australia with quick 5 minutes loan approval service availability. Our major focus stands to make Property development Loan repayment as convenient as possible for our clients and thus, we are flexible on the terms of repayment. Other than this, our Rate of Interest rests as low as 1% per months which stays almost negligible for the borrower and he/she can totally focus on repayment of principal loan amount. Alongside, we prefer Line of Credit and redraw facility to make available to the client for easy anytime accesses to property development loan fund as mostly construction property projects are potential in nature of payments. Last but not least, our property development finance support all kinds of Business, be it established, Start-up or Business with debt to consolidate at its side.